Do you have a business idea? Maybe you’ve thought of something over the last few weeks that you wish existed on the market. Or perhaps you’ve had an idea in the back of your mind for years. But to actually go for it and build a company takes guts (or is it blissful ignorance?). Many of us get stuck when we have thoughts like, “Where would I even start?”  or “Am I qualified for this?”. 

With women half as likely as men to start a business, we wanted to understand why. A survey of company founders by Unilever Foundry discovered that, amongst other reasons, women said that there were too few female role models in business. 

We’re Alexandra Pluthero (Wear My Freedom) and Sarah Weingust (HostelPass & WFH Helpers), and over the next few weeks we will be releasing a series of bite-sized interviews covering the stories of female founders who are role models in every way. These women inspire us and will be sure to inspire you too.

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